Company Introduction

SoftRithm IT Limited is an information technology based private limited company registered under the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. It was formed by some young, innovative, professional, work-oriented, information technology expert entrepreneurs backed-up with years of real-life experience in the software, website, apps development and other fields of information technology.

SoftRithm IT Limited is highly skilled to build desktop, mobile & web-based software solutions and apps for large, medium and small enterprises.

SoftRithm IT Limited started it's walking by holding the slogan “Information Technology at your door” to change the world by IT revolution at 30th June, 2015. It was a partnership business holding the name 'SoftRithm IT' until 10 July, 2018. At 11 July, 2018 it's become incorporated as a private limited company.

Behind the name

The name SoftRithm evolved from two computer technology terms- Software and Algorithm. By the name SoftRithm IT Limited gives the world a message that it has the strong ambition to serve and reach the zenith in the field of Information Technology by the combination of following latest software development methodologies and implementing the best algorithms.


Our Mission is to offer excellent product and service in each of our working field, in accordance with best coding practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform to serve the built environment and in particular, our valued clients.


SoftRithm IT Limited intends to provide our customers the best digital solution from beginning to the end. We build your dream by your wish and make your life easier by modern IT.